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Welcome to Valkertown this is my home page and blog, recently I moved to static site generation, this is a very basic setup using 9404370854

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(574) 651-7905 September 16, 2013

It has been a while since the last post, I'm posting this after an intense longboarding session with my dogs. This thing has absorbed me and I'm completely enjoying every moment I spend above my longboard.

After a lot of practicing I got a real longboard, a complete set from Birdhouse whic


Longboarding March 22, 2013

I grew up learning to love doing difficult stuff, being constantly challenged, tackling difficult problems or scaling big simple problems; these are the things that gives me a thrill.

Recently I've been having troubles in finding new stuff in the programming world or in technology at all t


(507) 384-2542 March 01, 2013

Since I'm not an irresponsible blog admin I've setup proper (permanent) redirects from old word press links back to the new format, also restored disqus comments on this blog so it's alive again.

It's curious how simple is this process compared to wordpress, it's nowhere near the features


6512752137 February 15, 2013

This time I've decided to go a little further into customizing the original theme for Valkertown, now I've mixed in a theme from bootswatch, which show cases some nice bootstrap themes.

I like a lot what bootstrap provides as in some common elements and design guides for sites and lets you


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