About TobTrip

TobTrip is a global professional service and content provider in air ticketing. It was founded by a group of experts who have plenty of professional experience in multi-nationals or NASDAQ listed companies. Most of them have devoted into online travel industry for almost 10 years and developed the most powerful and cutting-edge air ticket online booking systems in the world. Its mission is to facilitate the agents and consolidators from different countries do business better and easier worldwide. Thus TobTrip offers both powerful technical solution and competitive content to help our customers sell more tickets with less cost.

Our Air Ticketing Cloud (ATC) solution aims to help tradition agents realize their digital transformation facing the go-online challenge. Agents can easily become an OTA to do online business without investing lots of money and spending years developing their own system.

TobTrip also has a B2B business providing massive and competitive content to our customers. More than 400+ airlines content are provided by 300+ suppliers all over the world. Our customers expand their business volume and get more profit with the content we offer.

Air Ticketing Cloud (ATC)

The trend of Online Booking is getting much stronger with the mobile massive adoption all over the world. The online penetration of air ticketing is more than 70% in China while that of USA is more than 50%. Though the number is relatively low in South East Asian countries, it is growing fast. Tradition agents are facing great challenge from the Digital Transformation of the industry.

TobTrip now offers a complete Air Ticketing Cloud (ATC) solution to the tradition agents who want to go online for future business.

ATC provides a total solution of online booking system with the following components which enables our customers to drive more business online and succeed in the digital transformation.

Air Ticketing Cloud (ATC) solution elimates the barriers for tradition agents to online.
ATC provides 6 components to help customers succeed in digital transformation.

B2B Platform

TobTrip B2B platform aims to provide the most competitive flight fare to agents and consolidators all over the world by connecting them together. The customers can access the massive and competitive content about not only Full Service Carriers (FSCs) but also Low Cost Carriers (LCCs). Our clear and efficient Operation Standard & Process makes the suppliers provide stable service required by SLA that we promised to customers. Thus customers can get the tickets issued, changed and refund promptly and smoothly.