Western Province online Health Bulletin

Published by the office of the Provincial Director of Health Services, Western Province

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This is the inaugural launch of the interactive online health bulletin of the Western province.

This online health bulletin of Western province includes comprehensive and interactive information of government health sector in Western province and reflects the real time health status of the province and trends over the past period as well.

Statistics pertaining to four major areas namely morbidity, mortality, resource availability and provision of services as well as descriptive profiles and performance statistics of health and health related programs, campaigns and institutions of Western Province are included in this web portal.

This Health Bulletin of Western Province will be the main publication for health data dissemination, provides information needed for various purposes such as planning and management of health care services, monitoring and evaluation of health and health related programs and projects, disease prevention activities, etc.

Planning unit of the Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services is responsible for collecting and compilation of health data and preparation of this oline Health bulletin.

Message From the Provincial Director of Health...

Western Province is in a fast phase of development. Keeping on par with this development, Western Province health sector has taken up many development projects in multiple facets of health care provision. The Annual Health Bulletin of Western Province, which is the main provider of health related information, plays an important role in planning and monitoring of these projects. Moreover, it acts as the mirror that reflects the health status of Western Province.

The publication of this bulletin over the recent past has been hampered owing to various reasons. This publication bears witness to untiring efforts of the staff at Office of Provincial Director of Health Services, Western Province to cover the bulk of the backlog.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Provincial Ministry of Health, Western Province for the immense contribution made during 2017 to strengthen the health services in Western Province.

Further, I wish to appreciate all officials who have given their fullest support by providing data pertaining to their respective institutions, programmes, the staff of Planning Unit of the office of Provincial Director of Health Services, Western Province for the support extended in publishing the Annual Health Bulletin of Western Province 2017.

Finally, I must thank the Regional Directors of Health Services of Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara and their staff, all the MOHs and their staff at Western Province for their hard work right throughout the year without the provincial health services will be a success.

Dr. Anil Samaranayake

Provincial Director of Health, Western Province.

Our Vision...
"Ensuring a healthier population that contributes to the economic, social, mental and spiritual development of the Western Province"

Our Mission...
"To contribute to the social and economic development of the province by achieving the highest attainable health status through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services of high quality made available and accessible to the people of the Western Province"